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Joseph Gomes

My name is Joseph Gomes. I’m a husband, a father, and a social worker.  In addition to being a social worker, my voluntary activity includes youth empowerment.  I am running for U.S. Congress as a Democrat from Maryland, representing congressional 4th District.

I am committed to bringing positive changes for our youth and working-class families.  

I myself as a working-class person in our society, I find that we all occasionally struggle to make ends meet.

Therefore, I’m committed to changing the game for our young generation and working-class families by bringing and putting into practice fresh concepts and approaches that have the potential to improve society as a whole. 

For the past 29 years, my family and I have called Prince George’s County, Maryland home. My wife Mary and I have four children: two daughters, Benedicta and Matilda, and two sons, Peter and Matthew.  

My family and I are devoted Roman Catholic Christian and members of the archdiocese Washington DC, and parish of St. Mark’s Catholic Church, Maryland

In 1990, I earned a Bachelor of Commerce degree and in 1991, I completed Master of Commerce preliminary in Management from Dhaka University and again MBA enrolled at Strayer University, Washington, DC but had to put on hold due to family support. In 2006, Prince George’s Community College awarded me a professional diploma as a medical billing and business specialist and consultant.

I have participated in a variety of social groups, including youth groups, churches, parishes, community, county, and city organizations, as well as student movement clubs. As a consequence of my active involvement in the city and county, I’ve gotten to know residents, elected officials, council members, police enforcement informants, and higher-ranking officers. I’ve also seen some great positive changes in my city.

I’m currently the Vice President of the Prince Georg’s County Calverton Citizens Association (CCA) civic group leadership in Calverton, Silver Spring, and Beltsville. I have been supporting my block leader since 2015. Subsequently, I became a county delegate and won the election to become Prince Georg’s vice president. I was chosen once more to continue serving till 2024.

Currently, I am also serving as a Council-Prince George’s County, Beltsville Police Division VI, Citizen Advisory Council (CAC), Prince George’s County, Maryland.

For the last 28 years, I have served my local community through a social organization of Bangladesh called Bangladesh Christian Association Inc. (BCA) in the greater Washington DC Metropolitan DMV area where I have held various positions, i.e., as a director, general secretary, publication secretary, and lastly the President of BCA. I am currently serving as an advisor of BCA.

I spent my energy; my talent and I have been voluntarily working with the youth in the local community to help them succeed in their general knowledge and math studies for the past 8 years. I have arranged youth seminars aimed at enhancing the quality of education and developing leadership skills.

I also volunteer for Senator Jim Rosapepe and his team. I also have served at the election center as a polling officer in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Furthermore, I dedicate my time as a poll worker at the Prince George’s County, Maryland, election center.

I have been employed in the medical field at the Medstar Washington Hospital Center Critical Care Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU) as an associate since 2004. 

During the pandemic, when individuals were at risk of infection and thousands of people were dying needlessly, I strongly urged and empowered our youth to take action to save lives. I assisted and encouraged my two sons, Peter and Matthew, in distributing masks to 200 families in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area. They went door to door to present the masks to those in need.  

Now I’m ready to bring change. I will continue to work for youth, jobs, education, low-income family’s food, shelter, & health, law enforcement, and immigration & equal rights for all. 

May God bless United States of America, May God bless all of us.

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